Instructor, Business Mgr.

Musashi Uchida

Rank: 4th Degree Black Belt

Credentials:  2002 U.S. Championships: 1st place Jissen, 4th place Grappling. 2005 International Friendship Tournament: 1st place Jissen, 4th place Hokei, 1st place Tenkai.

Musashi began his Taido journey over 30 years ago as a child, under the teaching of Uchida Kaicho.  Later, he would learn under his brother Mitsuaki, Negishi Sensei, and Hiyoshi Sensei, and all would have a large impact on him.  Musashi strongly believes that training Taido at a young age propelled him to becoming a 3 sport athlete at Pinckneyville and Norcross High.  Musashi then went on to the University of Georgia, where he continued to participate in international Taido tournaments, and graduated from the Terry College of Business with honors.  After UGA, he began assisting with our adult classes, and began a successful career as an IT sales/mktg. professional, lasting 7 years.  In 2009, Musashi joined our school as a full time instructor, and took over many of our business operations.  He attributes so much of his success in his personal life and career to Taido's teachings and philosophies, and looks forward to continuing to help teach others about this martial art.