Our Founder & President

Mits Uchida
Rank: 7th Degree Blackbelt (Nana Dan)

Uchida Kaicho grew up in Shizuoka, Japan practicing karate and judo during his earlier years, and later began learning Taido from Dr. Seiken Shukumine in college. After being selected by Shukumine to bring Taido to the U.S., Uchida Kaicho embarked on opening the first school on Buford Highway in Atlanta, GA. Through Uchida Kaicho’s well regarded teaching methods that focus on personal development, discipline, and self-defense, the school has been producing outstanding students continuously in the Atlanta area since 1975. Aside from having incredible students, Uchida Kaicho’s greatest honors are being named the “Son of Taido” by Shukumine in 1979 during a tournament trip to Japan, and receiving the first ever 7th degree black belt given by Shukumine at our Summer Camp in 1994.

In addition to his marital arts studies, Uchida Kaicho also holds degrees in both Sociology and Economics from Dana College and Tokyo International University, respectively. Uchida Kaicho has also been a successful restauranteur, business consultant, real estate developer, and is a proud father, and husband of more than 40 years, and has four sons who are all black belts themselves. Uchida Kaicho’s son Mitsuaki, serves as the school’s head instructor and has been participating in Taido himself for 30+ years, and is a 5th Degree Black Belt. Uchida is very proud that his sons have participated well in Taido competitions over the years, winning multiple tournament events including free sparring, forms, and group events. However, one event is extra special for the Uchida family, and that is of course “Summer Camp”. The Uchidas relish the opportunity to come together as a family every year, and practice and celebrate with their extended “Taido Family”!

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