September Important Dates

Closing Dates

Labor Day: Monday, September 2nd. (we ARE open Saturday 8/31).

friday, September 20th: ONly open for the first 4:15 class.

JapanFest Saturday: Sat., Sept. 21st. All classes for our demonstration.


JapanFest 2019: Saturday, September 21st @ 1:30PM and Sunday, September 22nd @ 12:00PM

Belt Testing (Children): Saturdays Sept. 10th & 28th

July Important Dates

Closing Dates: Thursday, July 4th Independence Day

Monday 7/29, Tuesday 7/30, and Wednesday 7/31: We will close for sensei’s 70th Birthday and an end of the summer break.

Seminars: All month long in the mornings from July 1st - 26th! Sign-Up in the office.

Japan Fest 2019-Save the Date: September 21st and 22nd, Saturday and Sunday.

June Important Dates

Summer Camp Closing Dates: From Wed. June 5th, re-opening on Wed. June 12th.

June Test Dates (Children): June 1st, 21st, & 29th (All Saturdays).

Black Belt Test: Saturday, June 22nd @ Simpsonwood Church (Peachtree Corners) Special Class Schedule for this day below.

9:00-9:45am: Unaltered Class, A & B as normal

9:45-10:30: Altered: C & D & E

10:30-11:15: Altered: All JR/Int/Adults. All Belts.

Summer Seminars: Start July 1st, Sign-Up in the Office!