Why Taido?

More than 40 Years in Atlanta: Founded in 1975 in Atlanta, GA, U.S. Taido enjoys an outstanding reputation built on a strong commitment to the area and its residents. U.S. Taido's continuous presence in the North Metro Atlanta area is evidence to not only the high level of teaching, but also the support from Taido students and their families.

Family and Community Oriented: While martial arts places a great deal of focus on "Self Improvement", Taido also emphasizes family values and involvement in the community. Many of our Taido families have multiple members taking Taido at the same time, which helps build strong family bonds. Students are also taught to apply all of the positive aspects of Taido to their personal life, in an effort to affect society in a positive way.

Devoted Instructors: The U.S. Taido Karate School has been owned and operated by the Uchida family since first opening in 1975. Mits Uchida, seventh degree black belt and president of the U.S. Taido Association, studied under the creator and grand master of Taido, Dr. Shukumine. Black belts have a minimum of 5 years of training before assisting with classes.

Positive Philosophy: Taido utilizes an atmosphere of teamwork, and emphasizes a "Best Effort" philosophy that creates a positive training experience. Student testing is based on both school standards and personal growth.

Summer Camp: Each summer, our students, parents, and other family members have made the short trip to either the beaches of South Carolina or Florida for our annual "Summer Camp". In recent years, over four hundred people have joined together for our annual event where we practice on the beach, take belt tests, and celebrate our hard work with each other and nature!

Self-Achievement and Teamwork: Taido is a unique art/sport in that it enables students to learn at their own pace without the pressure of affecting the progress of others. While personal goals are emphasized, it is also expected that students will work cooperatively with teachers and other students for certain team building activities such as tournaments, demonstrations, and special classes such as gymnastics and sparring.

Class Divisions According to Ability: Taido students attend classes with others of their own age, belt rank, and ability. We have 8 different children's classes and 8 different teen and adult classes, which allow in-depth, high-quality instruction to fit all ability levels.

"Never Give Up": In every class, Taido teaches a positive attitude of trying one's best and promotes a "never give up" spirit that carries over to other aspects of life.

Cultural Exchange: Our school promotes a Japanese cultural exchange by teaching students about the origins and history of Karate, teaching Japanese training methods, and through competition trips to Japan. All students are required to learn how to count, pronounce, and understand skills in Japanese.

Taido's Unique Techniques: Taido differs from other martial arts and forms of karate in that its techniques emphasize three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional movement. The nature of these innovative techniques makes them both practical and adaptable, making Taido the martial art of the twenty-first century.