The Taido "Way"

Taido's creator, the late Dr. Seiken Shukumine, developed a scientific martial art, taking the essence of traditional Japanese martial arts and transforming it to meet the needs of a modern society. Both the Japanese press and television broadcast networks in the U.S. have recognized Taido as a martial art with "Philosophical Depth" and "Creativity". The essence of Taido lies not in the techniques of the art but in the utilization of training acquired in Taido for the development and benefit of both self and society.

Dr. Seiken Shukumine, one time Grand Master of Japan's Gensei School of Karate, identified shortcomings in the unscientific approach taken by previous martial arts. He decided to develop a new martial art that was both scientific and relevant in the context of the modern world. For thirty years he underwent rigorous training and research in the theory of martial arts, and based on the results, he created the three dimensional art which he called Taido.

Taido's techniques have been developed so that boys, girls, men and women regardless of age, can practice this art without undue concern about their previous level of physical fitness or conditioning. As an evolving and creative martial art that has been scientifically researched, Taido can be practiced by anyone. It is a study that involves thought, judgment, action, results, and reflection, much as in one's daily life.