Gymnastics, taido Style

One of the unique aspects of Taido is blending gymnastic movement with karate, which adds to its dynamic appeal.  The challenging and progressive nature of gymnastics in Taido makes it one of our most attended classes. Students learn front and back rolls, cartwheels, round-off, front and back handspring/flips, and other advanced techniques such as aerials.

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Free Spar, "jissen"

Taido emphasizes the useful application of its techniques, and Jissen is the best way to learn this.  Students gain self-confidence in their ability to use their learned skills by practicing them in a controlled sparring environment, using a point system (Ippon).  Due to Taido's dynamic and freestyle nature, Jissen is a constantly evolving art form. 



Our Grappling classes mix a blend of Wrestling, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu techniques, as well as Taido Gymnastics (Tengi).  Taught by Uchida Shihandai and Dumont Sensei, who both have extensive competitive MMA and Submission Grappling tournament experience.


Elite "Kishi-Kai" Group

As students progress, they may be invited to our elite training classes, or "Kishi-Kai".  During this class, intense training and demonstration preparation are conducted.  These are invitation only classes, and meet once a week.