Special Seminar - Saturday, Nov. 18th

Please join us for a special seminar from Okinawa, Japan, 8th degree black belt Tanaka Yuetsu Sensei.  He will teach all children C, D, E as well all Junior/Intermediate/Adults.  Please make plans to attend this special seminar!  Please follow the schedule below: 

Class Schedule For Tanaka Sensei’s Visit

9:00am~9:45am:  A & B  (9:40~9:45, Photos)

9:40am~10:30am:  C, D, & E

10:30am~11:35am:  Jr/Inter/Adult: White~Brown-Green (11:30~11:35, Photos)

11:30am~1:00pm:  Jr/Inter/Adult: Brown-Gold ~Black Belt