Wednesday 9/13 Update

 Wed 9/13 update:  we are open today    

6:00PM Update:  We are still unfortunately without power, so all classes are cancelled for the remainder of the night.  Please check back again tomorrow when we will have an update by at least 3:00PM regarding status.  Thank You

3:30PM Update:  We are still without power, and Georgia Power does not expect it back for perhaps another 2 hours.  As such, our children's classes are cancelled for tonight.  For JR/INT/Adults, please check back at 6PM for another update regarding tonight's classes--if we have power, we will practice.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Our building is currently without power, so we will be unable to open for classes today if we don't regain power.  We will update our status for today's Children's classes at 3:30PM today, and again update at 6:30PM for our night classes (JR/INT/ADULT).  Please check back, and apologies for any inconvenience.